Popeyes Application Tips

When filling out the Popeye’s application it is imperative that it is done correctly. Implementing a few key tips will make your application shine and increase your chances of landing employment with the restaurant. Below I have included a few of the best tips and relevant notes.

Carefully Follow Instructions – This is a relatively straight forward tip but still one of the most important. Sometimes company’s such as Popeye’s will have specific instructions on how to fill out their employment form. Such instructions are usually things such as filling the form out in pen or type only. There also may be specific instruction for things such as references where they ask you to provide business references as apposed to personal references such as your family.

Be Honest – When filling out the Popeyes application or any application it is important to always be honest. Some applications feel the need to embellish on things such as their work history or education in hopes of increasing their chances of employment. This should be avoided at all costs as most companies are very good at verifying the information you provide. This especially goes for those with felonies or a criminal past. Popeye’s corporate headquarters can look up such information in a matter of seconds.

Chose The Right Position – This is pretty much common sense. If you are an entry level worker or never had a job before, then you should not write in a high ranking position such as supervisor or manager. And like wise if you are qualified for a high ranking position you shouldn’t write in an entry level position such as cashier or porter. The position entered on your Popeyes application should be in direct relevancy to your particular skill and experience level.

Avoid Grammar and Spelling Errors – This can be one of the silliest and damning things you can commit on your Popeyes application. The employee that is reviewing your application may let one or two spelling and grammar errors slide, but beyond that he is likely to immediately throw your form out and not consider your for employment. To these companies your application is their very first impression of you. If you give them a form with sloppy handwriting and numerous spelling errors they are going to get the impression that you are unintelligent or too lazy to proofread the information you submitted. As a rule of thumb always have a friend or family member check your application for spelling or grammar errors.

Type Your Application Info – If possible avoid filling out your application in pen or pencil. Doing so really ads a certain amount of professionalism and shows that you are serious about landing a position with the company. With that being said, it is not absolutely critical to type your information, just helpful. If you are unable to type your information in use a black or blue pen and NEVER pencil.

Use The Right References – As with all job forms, the references section is a very important part of the Popeyes application. Always remember to enter relevant references who are willing to say something positive about you. Be sure that you ask your reference for permission before entering their information on the form. The company wants to hear good things about you to help determine whether or not you will be a valuable asset to them. Also keep in mind most companies ask you to not enter personal references such as friends or family. Consider using a previous employer or a teacher.

Keeping all the mentioned tips in mind is absolutely crucial towards being approved for a position by Popeye’s. In the business world upper management is always looking for the absolute best applicant for a position. Something as small or silly as one spelling error can lead to you being denied for employment.

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