Types Of Popeyes Jobs

Working at Popeyes gives you an excellent chance to start a career with a successful and fast growing company. A few key benefits of working at the restaurant include things such as health benefits, competitive pay, well managed staff, and of course free fried chicken!

Crew Members

The restaurant offers several difference positions for their applying crew members. These positions are entry-level and typically do not come with any past experience or advanced education. Here are positions offered to crew members.

Cashier – If you wrote cashier on your Popeye’s application you will be asked to take customer orders. This is a straight forward position can be learned in a single day of employee training.

Cook – As a cook at Popeyes you will be asked to work the deep fryer and prepare customer orders. This is an ideal position for those who prefer “behind the scenes” type work.

Porter -

It is notable that some restaurant do not offer single designated positions. Some Popeyes locations opt to work as a team by rotating all the different positions between each employee. So you could spend a few hours working the cashier, then move to the cook position for a little while, and then the porter position…. or in whatever order you are asked to do it in.


The managerial staff is responsible for keeping the restaurant running smoothly. They are the head haunchos that take care of duties such as hiring and employee schedules. It is also not uncommon for managers to run  various crew member duties in addition to their other responsibilities.


In addition to the restaurant’s in-restaurant crew and managerial staff, Popeye’s also offers many corporate positions.  The restaurant prides itself in having passionate and talented corporate workers. Qualifications for these positions are obviously more demanding and will often require a college degree and or past corporate experience. To learn  more about Popeye’s corporate job openings, refer to their main website at popeyes.com.


All in all the restaurant offers a wide range of positions that are ideal for everyone from the first time worker to the experienced corporate worker. If you feel that you would be a good fit with the restaurant consider putting in a Popeyes application today.

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